Chooka Parker – Farmhand Shows how to play the piano

This is an amazing talent that has been found by the Australian television show, Austraila’s Got Talent.
This 16 year old farmhand from a small backwater town in the Australian outback has been completely self taught. He went onto the nationally televised talent show and simply sat down and played, making up as he went along.
His performance was moving to say the least. Starting off in a rock like style he soon transformed the piece into an almost classical mixture of sound. The performance was somewhat reminiscent of the great Kieth Jarret and in the end brought all of the judges to their feet for a rousing standing ovation.
It will be interesting to follow the progress that Chooka makes and to see if he has the luck to be able to break out of the Australian music scene and make it as an international star.
This 16 year old certainly does have talent…. never had a piano lesson in his life and goes out in front¬†of a television audience of millions and makes up a piece on the spot, His laid back attitude and nievety all go towards making this young lad a future star of the piano. Keep an eye out for him in years to come.
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  1. Kelly Louper says:

    Chooka Parker has his own website and facebook so you can follow his progress, as he posts there regularly.
    He has been asked to perform overseas in India…not sure if he can make it or not yet, but they sure want him!

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