Extensive collection of piano tutorials

Here is a great piano site I found that has a really comprehensive collection of piano tutorials. 

Videos | PianoTutorOnline

I was astounded when I took a deeper look into the collection they have up here. There are a staggering 300 tutorials showing you how to play many of the classic piano based songs from John Lennon’s Imagine to Bruce Hornsby’s that’s just the way that it is.

In fact any song you can imagine is probably here in this collection of tutorials.

The tutorials don’t appear to be in any logical order which is a shame and it makes finding a song more of a pot luck event. There are some really advanced pieces and some really simple ones and there is no distiction as to playing level in the list. 

All of this is however totally excusable as this has to be THE most comprehensive list of piano tutorial available at the moment. 

I hope you get a chance to check it out and learn some of the all time classic piano pieces. The more you learn from others the more different styles you will be practiciing. All of that will make it a lot easier to progress in your piano playing even though you might feel you are making little progress and simply copying other people’s piano parts. 

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  1. john says:

    Hi Andy, pl’s on cord constrution

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