How to play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the all time classic pop/rock pieces. This was composed by Freddie Mercury on the the piano and although the original recoding features heavily the voices in close harmony and the timeless guitar sound we can only associate with queen, the song is in fact based around the piano part.

There are quite a few piano tutorials on you tube showing you how to play this piece, some are better than others.

I have included a couple of the better ones here with this post.

It might seem quite a daunting task at first to learn this masterpiece but once you split the song down into small sections you will see that it will not be all that difficult to get to grips with it.

The most thorough tutorial I found is this one by Joe Raciti

This is in three parts and can be quite difficult to follow. If you are prepared to do a lot of pausing and continuing however it will be well worth while learning from this one.


There are many other tutorials for this song and there is noting stopping you from going through each and getting little bits from each one.

Then to put it all together here is an excellent non stop live performance piano part which is almost exactly as it appears on the original track.


And finally you must not miss this interpertation.

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