Piano Finger Exercises

Just as with sports, playing any instrument, especially the piano involves the development of a specific muscle set. These muscles should be warmed up before playing and should be strengthened on a daily basis to ensure perfection.

The muscle set for piano playing is mostly restricted to the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Though this may sound relatively insignificant when compared to an olympic tri-athlete for example, there is actually a huge amount of muscles involved in piano playing.

It has been recognized for years that one can become more fluent and apt at the keyboard you need to work hard at strengthening your finger movement. This is why there have been piano finger exercises around ages. Examples of these exercises also known as five finger exercises have been composed and compiled by several composers. Probably the most popular of these is Hanon’s The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises. Other well known finger exercises have been compiled by Schmitt and Czerny.

At the end of the 19th century it became fashionable amongst popular pianists and composers to see who could write and play the most technical and challenging pieces. Liszt was undoubtedly one of the greatest at this as was Chopin. Chopin wrote a series of études (studies) which are said to be designed for strengthening the fingers.

Robert SchumannCare should be taken however. The German composer Robert Schumann could not work out why he (and everyone else) had trouble lifting up the fourth finger on each hand. The truth is that the fourth finger is lacking a tendon which the other fingers have allowing them to be lifted up independently of the other fingers. To this end Schumann had a special contraption constructed which would pull his fourth finger back a little further each day in order to strengthen it. The result however was catastrophic as he snapped the only tendon for that finger and lost use of it completely.

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  1. Tanya says:

    IAM, a beginner i just brought a new keybroad in 2012 that already have the keybroad keys that can light — up as you play them . But i still need so help etc.

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    luv this site

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    I have been trying to play Key board with both Hands but my Left hand is not coordinating with my Right hand. Would you please advice me on what to do,because my dream is to become a perfect keyboard player.Thank you.

  4. victor says:

    i love music, and i want 2 learn pianokeyboard so that i can no more about music.

  5. Show all the piano notes please

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    I saw the site on Youtube very interesting and easy to learn and understand.

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    very interesting website

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    Am struggling 2 play piano and i want 2 be a star of playing pian ,so am expecting u people 2 teach me

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    Hi this is very easy to learn thanks for given this to all

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    Hi,this is very educating.Thanks and good work.

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    in your books, approxmatly how many pages do the books have?

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